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Our Unique Solution


Unique formula with protected IP.


Unique formula was developed by Israeli Start up and group of well known worldwide scientists with over 40 years of experience in the field of  therapeutic-medical, cannabis and cosmetic products development.

(alcohol free)

Product’s ingredients are backed up by case studies.

About us

Instant Crystal HetroCleaner is a revolutionary antiseptic, anti-bacterial, hypoallergenic solution that was designed to keep your skin protected, healthy and clean on a daily basis.

Instant Crystal HetroCleaner unique formula assists to keep personal hygiene men’s & women’s in the intimate areas. It contains vitamin E and has a native pH4.4 level.

Why Choose Us?

Instant Crystal HetroCleaner is:


Is not required to be washed off by water.


It doesn't stain clothes.

Odor free

It doesn't have smell or any other unpleasant feelings.


Product's base ingredients case study demonstrated significantly reduce the risk of infection
of various sexually transmitted diseases through protected/unprotected intercourse (such as herpes, syphilis).

Clean all

It uses to washing off residuals left behind from condoms, sex toys and lubricants with antiseptic & hypoallergenic effects & pH 4.4 level.


Multi-functional disinfection solution for daily unisex usage assists to reduce the chance of catching various types of fungal infections after visiting public places.

To be part of

Unique formula may be added to other Intime products like: lubricants, condoms, pads etc. and provide the unique functionality.

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Crystal HetroCleaner
1.7 oz

Worldwide Shipping 7$

Use cases

  • case #1

    Intimate washing after unprotected sexual intercourse (for men and women). External flushing will significantly reduce the chances of infection of various sexually transmitted diseases through unprotected contact of any kind (such as herpes, condyloma, syphilis, etc.)

  • case #2

    Women's daily hygiene –Instant intimate washing (that not requires water and can be used anywhere anytime) for women will reduce the chance of catching various types of fungal infections after visiting public places (pools, hotels, spa, etc.) or contacts of any kind.

  • case #3

    A disinfectant for sex toys.

  • case #4

    Multifunctional disinfection solution for daily use (our doesn’t dry the skin like Alco-based products).

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